Get ready to vote with us!

Welcome to Blue Future’s Motivote page!

Blue Future is the largest progressive, youth-led, political action committee in America. We’re building the field infrastructure to help progressive Democrats win key races across the country while simultaneously developing a diverse leadership pipeline to strengthen the future of the Democratic party and the progressive movement.

We are excited to work with young people all across the country to build a progressive pipeline and help secure electoral victories in key states.

That all starts with voting and getting your friends out to vote! By joining a Blue Future voting team, you will be able to play a key role in helping Democrats win up and down the ballot in this election.

Here at Blue Future we know that young people have the opportunity and responsibility to help elect candidates who will stand up for the values of the next generation. At this critical time, young people must demand our elected leaders focus on the things that matter most and hold them accountable to their commitments— equal justice, good paying jobs, vibrant communities, clean air and water, quality health care, free college, and livable neighborhoods.

We believe in the power of young people to create a better world. We trust young people to be civic leaders in their communities. Join our team today and be a part of creating a better world!

Blue Future is the first and only project of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a registered Carey Committee (or Hybrid Federal PAC).